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1 Year Down; Just Getting Started

I started Water's Edge to apply all that I had learned to benefit my clients while ever reaching for justice, joy, wonder and integrity—core values of my own, and naturally those for my work. This first year have demonstrated how possible it is to do meaningful work while striving to do and be our best.

When it came to celebrating Water's Edge's first year anniversary, I knew just who to turn to: Wally Rashid of Woodland Pulse. Wally and I share passions for the natural world, art and the beauty found in both; and a curiosity for technology and how it can advance, not undermine, what we hold dear.

Woodland Pulse embodies Wally's way of meeting that balance. At Woodland Pulse, each pot is made with wood fiber using 3D printing technologies, and infused with aromatic essences that turn fragrant when you water the plant. Through fine design and sustainability, Woodland Pulse offers products that are good for planet and soul. That's why, in collaboration with Wally, I sent each person who helped Water's Edge in its first year a Woodland Pulse DISC Modern Plant Pot, pictured above.

To learn more and order yours, go to:

Thank you, Wally, for helping me ring in the first year of the work I love to do, with a dash of your artistic genius at Woodland Pulse.

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